“B.F Skinner, the world famous psychologist, proved through his experiments that an animal rewarded for good behavior will learn much more rapidly and retain what it learns far more effectively than an animal punished for bad behavior.” – Dale Carnegie


The Mission of Animal Manners is to train dogs and their People through Positive Reinforcement Methods, Respect and Trust. Animal Manners would like the opportunity to help you train your dog, teach you to understand your dog’s behavior and build a relationship based on cooperation and trust.


The In-Home Solution – The In-Home Training Programs bring Karen to your home to instruct you how to teach your pet.

Private Consultations – Examples include: problems with barking, jumping, fearful behaviors or aggression.

Puppy Manners – This is the most critical period during the life of your dog!  The training includes basic vocabulary to help owners communicate more effectively, good habits, and more.

Adult Manners – The course will cover effective communication, correction of common behavior problems, such as barking, jumping, and possessiveness.

Beyond Manners – This course is appropriate for the dog who understands the basics but may be inconsistent, unreliable, or confused.

Parent Education – Animal Manners private training offers dog and child friendly training methods taught in a way that is inclusive of all family members.  The programs provide valuable planning, training, safety and educational tools to help reduce stress, increase polite behavior and promote a happy, healthy, dog-friendly household.

Other Services – Canine good citizen evaluations, object retrieve, dog and puppy selection and temperament testing, behavior modification, solutions for aggression problems, house-training, and coaching dog models for advertising.

Practical, Positive, Solutions for People and Their Pets!