COVID-19 Update

Dear Clients,

At this time, I am back to in-person training sessions; as long as my clients are fully Covid-19 vaccinated. The option for Zoom sessions or a combination of Zoom and in-person is also available.

New clients can fill out a questionnaire for Private Consultations or the Puppy/Adult Manners Course.

Here are some Articles and Resources I hope you find helpful.


The Mission of Animal Manners is to train dogs and their People through Positive Reinforcement Methods, Respect and Trust. Animal Manners would like the opportunity to help you train your dog, teach you to understand your dog’s behavior and build a relationship based on cooperation and trust.

Why Train Your Dog

  • Training with Positive Reinforcement methods is effective and fun for you and your dog.
  • Your dog learns useful vocabulary.
  • It builds a foundation for solving future behavior problems.
  • Your dog learns to respect and trust you as a leader and a friend.
  • It builds communication and understanding between you and your dog.
  • It helps your dog become predictable and more confident.
  • You will want to take your well-behaved dog with you to more places.
  • Positive Reinforcement teaching deepens the bond between you and your dog.  The result is a more confident and predictable dog.

Choosing a Dog Trainer

To assure you and your dog the best results, look for:

Programs: In-Home Solution

The In-Home Training Programs bring Karen to your home to instruct you how to teach your pet. In-home training allows pets and their people to get the individual attention necessary to learn at a rapid pace.  Training is available as a 6-week Puppy Manners or Adult Manners course.

Private Consultation Packages are also available to cover any specific needs you and your dog may have that are not included as part of a Foundation level course.

All travel is limited to the Portsmouth, NH, area (within a 30-minute driving radius).